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Web Contents

This website has 6 main sections:

This is the section you are currently in. It contains a brief introduction of the FLAG web site, the Editorial Board members, acknowledgments, and the Fellows who have been the driving force behind this Institute.

The primer is designed to welcome you to the world of classroom assessment.

Matching goals to CATs
This section of the FLAG is intended to help you select the most appropriate assessment technique(s) for your course. To assist you in this effort, we have generated a list of some of the most commonly identified goals in college SMET courses, based primarily on the extensive research of Angelo and Cross (1993). Each of the goals has been matched to an appropriate CAT.

Classroom Assessment Techniques -- CATs
The CATs are succinct, self-contained, self-instructional, web-based modules that introduce a broadly applicable technique for use in college or university SMET courses. Each CAT has been written by a college or university instructor who currently uses the technique, and has been reviewed by the FLAG Editorial Board for accuracy and consistency with current professional standards of assessment.

The tools are discipline-specific instruments "nested" within CATs. Since some instructors may be looking for convenient, time-saving, discipline-specific tools or instruments that may be implemented directly with only a modicum of additional effort, we have devised a database of appropriate tools. The database can be sorted by discipline or CAT, or searched by discipline, purpose or CAT.

This last section contains several useful resources for faculty who wish to expand their knowledge of assessment practices in college and university SMET courses or to contact individuals who currently use these techniques in their own courses. Other information such as useful web sites, experts near home, and a small annotated bibliography are provided.

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