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The NISE CL-1 Team is deeply indebted to Dr. Elaine Seymour and the New Traditions Chemistry Consortium for Curriculum Reform, who jointly conceived of the idea of the FLAG website. We extend special thanks to Elaine Seymour and Dr. Steven Kosciuk, who created a prototype version of the website during 1997-98, when Dr.Seymour was a Fellow with the CL-1 team; to the New Traditions Chemistry Consortium which funded Dr. Koscuik's work on the prototype; the ChemLinks Chemistry Consortium which further supported Dr. Seymour's work on the original FLAG website; and to the NSF's Division of Undergraduate Education, which funds the New Traditions and Chemlinks consortia and also provided additional funding for Dr. Kosciuk. We are also grateful to New Traditions project leaders, Drs. John Moore, Earl Peace, and Clark Landis, for their assistance with the transition of the website to its current structure.

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