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Matching Goals to CATs - Overview

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Currently the FLAG contains about a dozen Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) for use in college and university SMET courses. Each of the CATs occupies a niche in the assessment repertoire. However, the usefulness of any CAT depends entirely on the goals the instructor has established for his or her course.

This section is designed to assist you to select the most appropriate CAT(s) for your course. On the next page, Matching Goals to CATs, we have generated a list of some of the most commonly identified goals in college SMET courses, based primarily on the extensive research of Angelo and Cross (1993). Matched to these goals are the CATs currently available on the FLAG.

To find an appropriate CAT use the Matching Goals to CATs table by:

  • Reflecting on your own course goals, and identifying the goals within the list that most closely approximate your own (5 or 6 goals is adequate).
  • Clicking on the check boxes next to your goals, and then clicking on the "Submit" button.
    A chart of the goals and corresponding CAT(s) will be made which can be printed out.

Matching Goals to CATs table - take me there!

  • Angelo, T. A., and Cross, K. P. (1993). Classroom assessment techniques: A handbook for college teachers, 2nd edition, San Francisco: Jossey-Boss.

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