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College Level One Team

Art Ellis Art Ellis, Team Leader
Arthur B. Ellis, a UW-Madison professor of Chemistry, leads the Institute's College Level One efforts to reform math and science education at the university level. He has received NSF funding in the past to improve university courses in introductory chemistry and received a 1994 Catalyst Award from the Chemical Manufacturers Association for teaching excellence. In 1993 he helped develop a kit for modeling solid-state structures for science and engineering classes. He has researched the use of luminiscent sensors in materials science and environmental monitoring.
email: ellis@fozzie.chem.wisc.edu

Bob Mathieu Bob Mathieu, CL-1 Institute Director
Robert D. Mathieu is a UW-Madison professor of astronomy. His astronomical research involves the formation of stars, the evolution of binary stars, and the dynamics of stellar clusters. He has received NSF funding to develop computer-simulation astronomy labs for introductory-level students. He is a member of the UW Teaching Academy and a recipient of a UW Distinguished Teaching Award. Within CL-1 his emphasis has been on the development of the CL-1 Institute.
email: mathieu@madraf.astro.wisc.edu

Gina Brissenden Gina Brissenden
Gina Brissenden is the national education specialist for the American Astronomical Society. She studies issues related to teaching introductory astronomy at the university level, including alternative conceptions in astronomy, gender equity in the science class, and progressive assessment. In 1998 she received the Dr. Brenda Pfaehler Award of Excellence in Fostering Student Learning.
email: gina@fauxhead.astro.wisc.edu

Aaron Brower Aaron Brower
Aaron M. Brower (Ph.D.; 1985, University of Michigan) is a Harold C. Bradley Faculty Fellow and Professor of Social Work & Integrated Liberal Studies at UW-Madison. His work focuses on college student success and retention, and the development and evaluation of undergraduate educational innovations. In the past few years, his work has focused particularly on residential and non-residential learning communities--instances of "integrative learning," where classroom and out-of-classroom experiences can be combined.
email: ambrower@facstaff.wisc.edu

Ann Burgess Ann Burgess
Ann B. Burgess is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the director of the Biology Core Curriculum, a four semester intercollege honors program. She has a particular interest in laboratory projects and other opportunities for students to work in small groups to apply tools and concepts in realistic situations. Ann is a member of the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium and is the recipient of an undergraduate teaching award from the Golden Key National Honor Society. Her role within CL-1 began as the leader of the "Effective Practices" project; this evolved into the "Collaborative Learning" project.
email: aburgess@facstaff.wisc.edu

Sue Daffinrud Sue Daffinrud
Sue Daffinrud is a researcher at the Learning through Evaluation, Adaptation, and Dissemination (LEAD) Center on the UW-Madison campus. Her recent work has been in assessment, where she has evaluated the Engineering Education Scholars Program (EESP) for the past two years and has created a web site that implements the Student Assessment of Learning Gains instrument created by Elaine Seymour. As a CL-1 team member, she is co-developing the Course Goal Facilitor and created a Classroom Assessment Technique tool database for the FLAG.
email: daffinru@engr.wisc.edu

Kate Fahl Kate Loftus Fahl
Kate Fahl, a university relations specialist at UW-Madison, serves as the science writer for the Team and is responsible for translating the ideas, papers, projects, and tools generated by the Institute members into useful products for practitioner and lay audiences. As a writer and editor, she has specialized in science and medicine, developing and editing several national newsletters, working as a freelance journalist, and most recently writing about technology transfer at UW-Madison. She has also been an editor for a business journal and served as a book editor and writing consultant.

Tony Jacob Tony Jacob
Tony Jacob is the Associate Director of the Chemistry Learning Center at UW-Madison. Tony has worked with undergraduate students in chemistry for the past 14 years, is a Fellow of UW-Madison Teaching Academy, and runs the chemistry and physics Peer Mentor Tutor program. He has directored and supervised programs for students underrepresented in the sciences, and has experience in the K-8 system. His academic interests focus on small group learning, working with students underrepresented in the sciences, and instructional technology. He has been the CL-1 website manager, designer, and graphic artist. He also authored the Collaborative Learning Techniques and More Info sections and provided input with the FLAG development.
email: atjacob@facstaff.wisc.edu

Cathy Middlecamp Cathy Middlecamp
Cathy Middlecamp is the Director of the Chemistry Learning Center at UW-Madison and teaches both general chemistry and a graduate seminar. Over the past 20 years, she has designed, supervised and taught in programs for students underrepresented in the sciences. Her professional interests include supporting women in science, science across cultures, and instructional technology. Currently, Cathy is serving on several national advisory boards: American Association of Colleges and Universities, Project Kaleidoscope, and Montana's Rural Women and Girls in Science Project. She is the editor of a discovery based laboratory project on the web, and on the editorial board to prepare the 3rd edition of the ACS's Chemistry in Context.
email: chmiddle@facstaff.wisc.edu

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