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Assessment Primer

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The Authors

Gina Brissenden
University of Chicago
American Astronomical Society Education Office

Gina Brissenden Gina Brissenden is the national education specialist for the American Astronomical Society. She studies issues related to teaching introductory astronomy at the university level, including alternative conceptions in astronomy, gender equity in the science class, and progressive assessment. In 1998 she received the Dr. Brenda Pfaehler Award of Excellence in Fostering Student Learning.

Tim Slater
Physics Department
Montana State University-Bozeman

Tim Slater Tim is Project Science Director for the NASA Center for Educational Resources CERES Project and a research assistant professor in the Department of Physics at Montana State University-Bozeman. Tim is working on developing Internet-based hands-on activities that take the form of Information Rich Problem Solving Activities Integrating Technology. Tim is also working on the CERES Astronomy site, the Yohkoh Solar X-Ray Public Outreach Project (YPOP Solar Physics), and an On-Line REAL-TIME Science DATA System. Tim earned his BS in Physical Science and Ed in Science Education at Kansas State University in 1989, his MS in Physics & Astronomy at Clemson University in 1991, and Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from University of South Carolina in 1993 with a focus on astronomy education. Tim is also currently serving on the American Association of Physics Teachers Astronomy Education Committee.

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