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Resources - Other Assessment Web Sites

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

Alverno College

    Educators' page
    Alverno College's educational system is devoted to an "ability-based curriculum." Though specific assessment techniques are not described, several publications on student assessment are available. This college is unique because the entire college has the same set of eight student abilities it teach their students in all courses: communication, analysis, problem solving, valuing, social interaction, global perspective, effective citizenship, and aesthetic response. The school also strongly emphasizes student self-assessment.

Montana State University-Bozeman

    Academic Affairs
    Student Outcomes Assessment page

    Their website includes includes a list of techniques to collect evidence of student learning such as:
    • "Conduct focus group interviews with students at different levels of the major to obtain student feedback on advising, courses, and curriculum.
    • Collect and review portfolios of students' work from several courses taken throughout the major.
    • Conduct pre- and post-testing of student knowledge in a capstone course."

University of New Orlean's College of Education
Teacher Explorer Center

    Though the focus of this site is to address issues of K-12 students, many topics are useful and relevant to higher education instructors. Also, the Teacher Resources section has an extensive link page.


    Though the target of this site are businesses that focus on children 8-18 years old and specifically addresses issues such as kids' trends and preferences, the site also has many useful topics relevant to higher education instructors. Included in the engaging kids section is a theory section on curriculum, instruction, assessment, etc.

Eastern New Mexico University

    Assessment Resource Office
    The Assessment Resource Office assists faculty to assess student learning by encouraging the use of Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT's). A brief description of CATs primarily from Angelo's and Cross' book, "Classroom Assessment Techniques," is given in the Cyber Cats section.

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