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Tools - Overview

While the CATs represent broadly applicable assessment techniques, the tools are discipline-specific instruments that are "nested" within CATs (e.g., Conceptual Diagnostic Tests represents a general category of assessment technique; The Astronomy Diagnostic Test is a specific tool for use in an introductory astronomy course). Since some instructors may be looking for convenient, time-saving, discipline-specific tools or instruments that may be implemented directly with only a modicum of additional effort, we have devised a database of appropriate tools. The database can be sorted by discipline or CAT, or searched by discipline, purpose or CAT.

Contributions to the FLAG

An on-line Tool Submission form has been developed to assist in gathering new tools for the FLAG!.

You can help your fellow science, mathematics, engineering, and technology instructors by submitting a high-quality, field-tested assessment instrument to the FLAG.

Please Click Here to submit your tool.

To see our current database, select the options to the left on the purple navigation bar.

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