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Relevant CAT: Attitude Survey

Discipline: Math/Statistics

The original Survey of Attitudes Toward Statistics 28 (SATS-28 ©) contains 28 seven-point Likert items designed to assess four components of students' attitudes toward statistics:

  1. Affect: Students' feelings concerning statistics.
  2. Cognitive Competence: Students' attitudes about their intellectual knowledge and skills when applied to statistics.
  3. Value: Students' attitudes about the usefulness, relevance, and worth of statistics in personal and professional life.
  4. Difficulty: Students' attitudes about the difficulty of statistics as a subject.

The revised Survey of Attitudes Toward Statistics 36 (SATS-36 ©) contains 36 seven-point Likert items that assess the original four components in the SATS 28 © plus two more:

  1. Interest: Students' level of individual interest in statistics.
  2. Effort: Amount of work the student expends to learn statistics.

Additional items in both versions ask for global attitude, demographic, academic background, and expected course grade information. Pre- and post-course versions are available. Students usually complete the SATS © in about 10 minutes.

Figure 1 below lists an actual SATS © item with the "strongly agree strongly disagree" seven point scale.

Example Value pre-course item from the SATS ©

Statistics is not useful to the typical professional.

used with permission of Candace Schau

The pretest versions of the SATS-28 © and the SATS-36 © can be viewed at:
http://www.evaluationandstatistics.com. The SATS © is available from the author.

Candace Schau (CS Consultants, LLC, Albuquerque, NM 87111; cschau@comcast.net)

Selected References:
Dauphinee, T. L., Schau, C., & Stevens, J. J. (1997). Survey of Attitudes Toward Statistics: Factor structure and factorial invariance for females and males. Structural Equation Modeling, 4 (2), 129-141.

Schau, C., Stevens, J., Dauphinee, T., & Del Vecchio, A. (1995). The development and validation of the Survey of Attitudes Toward Statistics. Educational & Psychological Measurement, 55 (5), 868-876.

Hilton, S. C., Schau, C., & Olsen, J. A. (2004). Survey of Attitudes Toward Statistics: Factor structure invariance by gender and by administration time. Structural Equation Modeling, 11, 92-109.

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